Shree Shambhav

Shree Shambav, is a true Renaissance individual, excelling across diverse domains as an author, philanthropist, life coach, and entrepreneur. His remarkable journey is characterised by a profound impact on literature, societal development, and personal growth.
Beginning his writing odyssey with the acclaimed “Journey of Soul Karma,” Shree Shambav delves into the depths of human experience, offering readers profound insights and reflections. His extensive corporate experience, coupled with his passion for empowering others, has culminated in a rich tapestry of literary contributions and transformative initiatives.

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“A life devoid of affection is like a tree devoid of bloom or fruit.”

“If you want to achieve great things in your life, start with small steps.”

Whispers of Eternity
150 Plus - A Symphony of Soulful Verses Series – I

“Whispers of Eternity.” Unveils mesmerizing collection goes beyond the ordinary, immersing readers in the intricate tapestry of the human experience, resonating with the very essence of the soul.

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Light of Life and the Shadow of Death

Death is a certainty that awaits us all, yet the fear it instils is an ever-present shadow in our lives. We seek to evade it, to prolong our time on this earth, but in doing so, we invite grief, suffering, and despair.

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Optimum - Python Series I
Ultimate Guide for Beginners

A definitive resource designed for both novices and those with prior coding experience. This comprehensive guide is your gateway to success in the dynamic world of Python. Unlock the Power of Python with Optimum’s Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!

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Life Changing Journey
365 Inspirational Quotes

A quote's profundity is frequently due less to the words themselves than to the meaning they convey. Even the shortest quotations have the power to deliver the most important ideas, offer insightful perspectives, and share life lessons.

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Twenty + One
21 Short Stories

is a collection/compilation of well-meaning truths, selectively put together to share worldly wisdom and virtues with the common folk of all age groups.

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Journey of Soul

is a conscious and passionate attempt to unravel the truths of life and living in the present world. As we all know, our world is, ridden with many challenges, controversies, disagreements, inequalities, comparisons, discrimination and different troubles and turmoil affecting humanity.

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"When people understand the basic fact (truth), all uncertainty will disappear like darkness before the radiant light."

"Because like begets like, a paddy seed cannot create wheat. Every living being develops from seed according to a preset pattern of life determined by the seed's inherent nature."